Strategic litigation, a major focus of our work, is designed on the basis of our identification and research and the gravity of the issues which make adverse effects on human rights, public health, environment and peace. It is also a crucial element how the affected communities do participate in their struggle for ending corporate abuse.

Presently we are monitoring 200 industries and business houses in India, along with 50 banks.

Our priorities, in making accountable to the corporate/business,  focus on who are involved in the projects: coal, iron, oil, uranium, bauxites, alumina mining and its subsidiaries and related industries, and there is prima fascia clear evidence available for violating the laws, procedures and standards  relating  to environment, public health, human rights and rule of law, and peace.

Presently we are engaged in bringing accountability and ensuring practical implementation of human rights by Vedanta, NTPC, SRB, Adani, Bhusan Steel, Indigo, Mesco, TATA Steel and many others.