End Corporate Abuse is a joint platform of civil society organizations, lawyers, journalists, researchers and affected rural -tribal communities due to industrialization and corrupt business practices; which origins from National Campaign for Ending Corporate Abuse in India, led by Global Human Rights Communications, for campaigning to end corporate abuse in India. The basic objective is to ensure corporate accountability while Implementing the United Nations ‘Protect, Respect and Remedy’ Framework”, which is derived from guiding principles on business and human rights. The said guiding principles have been endorsed by the United Nations Human Rights Council in its resolution 17/4 of 16 June 2011.

Campaign Strategy

The campaign strategizes creatively to:

  • Build alliance with business affected communities, groups and other civil society stakeholders
  • Monitor through the process of Fact-finding, Research and Evidence based Documentation  and Engaged in indexing
  • Help victims through strategic litigation/judicial intervention
  • Promote dialogues with all stakeholders, including critical engagement with affected communities, businesses and governments
  • Intervene the Policy and Practice changes through human rights monitoring
  • Direct approach for helping remedy for victims and affected communities and groups
  • Engagement with National Human Rights Institutions for its proactive role making corporate accountable and facilitating justice

Its strategic locations primarily in Odisha, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Gujurat, Rajasthan, and Maharastra; and will be inclusive in approach to add more state and partners.


  • Judicial Intervention
  • Use of quasijudicial forums and tribunals
  • Non-judicial approach
  • Use of International human rights mechanisms such as treaty bodies, Special Procedures, Universal Periodic Review etc
  • Finance monitoring
  • Promotion of dialogues and community engagement
  • Capacity building of relevant stakeholders